Disclaimer & Privacy

Melbourne Laneway and Street Photography Tours acknowledges the importance of your privacy. All information is kept securely and is not sold, shared, divulged in anyway to a third party. The preferred method of communication is by email, and all newsletter style mail has unsubscribe facilities.

Melbourne Laneway and Street Photography Tours disclaims to the extent permitted by law all liability whatsoever for any loss or damage sustained by any customer or third party, whether to person or property, arising out of any guided tour or related activity presented by Melbourne Laneway and Street Photography Tours.

Our tour groups must obey the relevant laws when walking in Victoria and should make themselves aware of these prior to arrival in Melbourne. Tour participants are required to follow the tour guide’s instructions at all times and not to create a hazard at any time. It is always strongly suggested that our clients have their own personal travel insurance that includes trip cancellation provisions in the event of customers not being able to attend a paid tour.

While all effort is made to maintain the integrity of product information, details correct at last update may be subject to change.

Melbourne Laneway and Street Photography Tours in its responsibility to you, and the environment in which we conduct our product, is covered by Public Liability Insurance, in the hope that it is not needed. We manage this responsibility with the utmost care. Our Public Liability cover is closely scrutinised, and in the event of a claim, all dealings will be managed by our policy holder.